Role of taxation in economic development

The predominant importance of agriculture in developing countries makes agricultural taxation a potentially significant source of tax revenue and a means of transferring resources into productive investment.

Encouraging savings and investment: Thus, the scope for increasing tax revenue as a proportion of income may in practice is limited. To remove this kind of unemployment, it is necessary to increase the rate of capital formation.

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Increase in production and productivity can be influenced by fiscal policy to a greater extent. Reduction in Inequalities of Income Taxation follows the principle of equity. Tax policy to raise the MPS above APS is concerned with the design and implementation of taxes to reduce private consumption.

Therefore, various tools of fiscal policy as taxation, public borrowing, deficit financing and surpluses of public enterprises should be used in a combined manner so that they may not adversely affect the consumption, production and distribution of wealth.

In modern times, the aim of public finance is not merely to raise sufficient financial resources for meeting administrative expense, for maintenance of low and order and to protect the country from foreign aggression. There would, therefore, appear to be a greater scope for using tax policy to raise the level of aggregate saving relative to income.

Role of Taxation in Financing Economic Development | Economics

To Check Inflationary Tendencies: In under-developed countries, there are other several limitations which act as an obstacle in the successful working of fiscal policy.

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There is wide agreement among economists that in countries like India there is an untapped tax potential. Highly progressive taxation leads to tax evasion and black money.

As public expenditure increases, the people may spend on imports or conspicuous consumption.

The Role of Tax in Developing Countries

The importance of increasing national income and removing inequalities of income and wealth can hardly be exaggerated. Coffee van profit margin Coffee van profit margin fast food advertisements ratio and proportion class 7 worksheet criminology report example my dream job essay words mmu english course.

It is because production capacity in under-developed countries is limited.

The Role of Tax in Developing Countries

At the same time, unproductive investment is checked and diverted towards productive and socially desirable channels.Taxation and Economic Development: The State of the Economic Literature T hose who shape state and local fiscal policy have had a sustained interest in the role that taxation plays in the economic develop-ment of states, regions, cities, and special districts or zones.

At. The standard economic approach to taxation and development focuses on how economic change in fluences the evolution of the tax system. In this approach, changes to the tax system re flect structural change.

The first part of this report provides a brief overview of the role of tax within a country’s macro economic environment.

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Role of Taxation in Financing Economic Development | Economics

How to open a gas station franchise business plan for law firm partner. Economic Growth and the Role of Taxation Prepared for the OECD Gareth D. Myles as physical and human capital investment, and research and development - published increases raise serious questions about the effect taxation has upon economic growth.

First of all, the implementation of domestic taxation allows developing countries to begin to finance their own infrastructure and hence to take control of their national development.

In theory at least, higher tax revenues should mean that the state is able to invest and deliver a comprehensive range of public services such as schools, hospitals, the police .

Role of taxation in economic development
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