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The city is located on the first set of bluffs north of the Mississippi River Delta 's coastal plains. Additional protection services include: The changing market in the oil business has produced fluctuations in the industry, affecting employment in the city and area.

Security Guard Service We make sure to keep you protected while still enforcing the law. The explorers saw a red pole marking the boundary between the Houma and Bayogoula tribal hunting grounds. Much of its staff was assimilated by The Advocate, some of whom still work at the paper today.

See also Red Sticks for the ceremonial use of red sticks among the Muscogee. As the neighborhood around it began to suffer from crime and neglect, and LSU students continued their off-campus exodus to the east, The Cotton Club gradually baton rouge business report location out of popularity and into disrepair, closing for good in the early s.

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The down-home dive on Highland Road was a popular bar, seafood restaurant and meeting spot where the gossip flowed as freely as the inexpensive draft beer. The afternoon publication, founded by Charles Manship Sr.

Our Services Our investigative services are wide-ranging, but they are all backed by the same attention to detail.

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The hitting bays are climate-controlled, Micheli says, and the facilities also offer a restaurant, bar area, lounge space and event center, and players are served food and drinks while they play. Criminal Defense Investigations We work primarily with solo and small firm criminal defense attorneys to locate witnesses, collect witness statements, reinterview, collect communication and profile evidence, and review interview techniques.

Baton Rouge Business Report

This is possible by associating the 9. But when Cortana Mall opened inmany retailers abandoned the Mid City shopping center, and in the s it was converted into a movie theater. Hero Certified Burgers Hero Certified Burgers is a quick service restaurant franchise chain that operates in Canada, with locations concentrated in Southern Ontario.

At Investigative Research Specialities, our private detective agency offers services for divorce and infidelity including cheating partner investigations, vehicle tracking, and other private eye services. At the time, the region appeared to be occupied by a collection of moderately sized native chiefdoms interspersed with autonomous villages and tribal groups.

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In a letter to neighboring property owners, the company floated the idea of beginning a month construction in early We seek to find evidential proof in a cost effective and accurate manner. The war nearly halted economic progress, except for businesses associated with supplying the Union Army occupation of the city beginning in the spring of In fact, your chance of getting your car stolen if you live in Baton Rouge is one in Services include nationwide background checks and criminal defense.

Evidence and the findings uncovered and provided by IRS Inc Investigators to the attorney carries credibility in court, much more than a parent's accusation, therefore the hiring of an experienced and well qualified professional investigator is critical to your case.

It was a small-scale amusement park, nothing compared to the mega-theme parks of our era, yet providing big-time fun to two genera- tions of Baton Rouge children and their families.

We specialize in providing discreet covert surveillances. Faster Process Service Watch this short video that explains how we are able to provide faster service and status updates using cloud-based software.

Providing evidence to prove or deny workers compensation fraud and insurance through surveillance and GPS tracking devices. The adjacent Gator Bar was another popular spot, where LSU sororities and fraternities held crawfish boils on warm spring nights.

It is our job to keep you, your property and assets away from any threat. Latil inwas really best known for being the favorite place for businesses and local families to buy their monogrammed stationery, embossed note cards, business cards and wedding invitations.

We also offer instant nationwide criminal background checks, MVR's and skip-trace data and gather evidence for workers' compensation claims and much more!Learn about our facilities. The Port of Greater Baton Rouge offers a full range of maritime services and outstanding facilities, from a deepwater complex on the Mississippi River that can accommodate Panamax vessels to our Inland Rivers Marine Terminal on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Baton Rouge, LA. 13K likes. Baton Rouge casinos drag down Louisiana riverboat revenue once again in October Business Louisiana listening tour on how to spend $B in federal flood control money wraps in Baton Rouge.

Politics, news, and essential information in Greater Baton Rouge. Mayor-President Broome announced that as a precautionary measure, East Baton Rouge Parish will deploy HESCO protection baskets this weekend along a small section of the downtown levee near North Street and River Road due to the rising river levels.

Baton Rouge Business Report Top Baton Rouge Business Report and Baton Rouge West Feliciana Parish is now the top location for your business.

Baton rouge business report location
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